A listener sent me this picture and asked what I thought. It sure doesn't look like a tree or speck of dust. Is this shadowy figure a ghost? What do you think? 

Sara LaFlamme is a listener and friend of ours on Facebook. She sent me this picture and asked what I think. It's very interesting and truth is The Frank J. Wood bridge connecting Brunswick and Topsham has been the sight of suicides in the past and when I googled that I found an article that showed a picture of rescue crews just below the spot where Sara photographed the shadow.

When I asked Sara why she took a picture of the bridge, she said that someone had just attempted to jump. You can see crews talking him down. in the middle (ghostly shadow to the left of the photo). What do you think? Is this a ghost or just a camera smudge? Is it the ghost of someone who took their life trying to save someone else. Crews talked the man down safely and when Sara looked at her camera, she saw this.

You be the judge...