Did you know that you can dine in what was once a jail cell, in a popular Concord, NH restaurant? Margaritas has occupied the building at One Bicentennial Square for several years now. But long before they were serving up delicious Mexican food there, the building had a much different purpose. From 1890 to 1975, the building was home to the Concord Police Department. It also included a jail, with several cells to detain criminals. The restaurant kept the cells in tact with bars and all, offering patrons the opportunity to have dinner at a table in a jail cell.

But wait, it gets even creepier. Many people have said that the building is haunted. And this video posted to YouTube by Spirit Talk Adventures claims to show proof that there are very active spirits present. Skip ahead to around 1:23 to see a glass on the table, supposedly sliding across the table on it's own.

Do you believe that the building could be haunted? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post!


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