Honestly, I'm not even going to beat around the bush about this -- I'm SO here for this to happen. Ya know, assuming we don't all get teleported to a spaceship in our sleep and probed or experimented on.


It's actually pretty ironic that I came across this article that popped up in the Bangor Daily News the other day, because I swear on my life I saw something in the sky the other night while I was walking Remy.

So, on clear nights, I tend to look up at the stars and see which constellations I can make out while I'm walking Remy around the neighborhood for his final bathroom break of the night. Normally I see Orion on the regular, and can usually make out both the Big and Little Dipper, and I've seen the Seven Sisters Star Cluster, too -- clearly I'm a nerd, and clearly I love this stuff.

That said, over the weekend when I was doing my usual walking around and star-gazing, I swear on my life I looked up and saw what I thought were a couple stars on their own, but one of them jumped around a bit, then was gone and there was only one star left. Now, maybe it was because I was walking and I hit an angle of light pollution, but I swear I saw one of those stars jump around.

That said, that was in New Hampshire, but according to the BDN article, that's not the New England state that's a hotspot for UFOs -- it's actually Maine.

The report in BDN mentions that over the last 40 years, more than 1,000 UFO sightings have been reported in Maine, which a huge spike in 2012 (ironically, the world was supposed to end that year -- remember?) and a steady rise since 2018, with an increase expected this year. Actually, one analyst ranked Maine FOURTH IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY in UFO sightings and visitations.

Between all the sightings listed from Maine (you can actually read some directly from BDN readers here), and UFO sightings in New England even being highlighted on one of the episodes of Season 15 of Unsolved Mysteries (the first updated season to appear on Netflix) -- do you believe we live in a UFO hotspot? Does it excite you? Freak you out?

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