The Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival is a celebration of all of the hijinks that cats get into on the web.

Walker Art Center
Walker Art Center

Ironic that a cat-related video event is being advertised as a "social" gather of cat-lovers when they are known to be a reclusive people.

The Internet Cat Video Festival is coming to the Portsmouth Music Hall on Friday, March 25 for all the crazy cat ladies (and gents) out there. They will all gather to watch cat videos and celebrate everyone's nonchalant pet.

Take a look at what you can expect at a festival dedicated to cats on the internet

I'm a true cat-lover, especially when they are on the internet, but their description of the festival is a tad out there.

Catvidfest and its ongoing success have reinforced the Walker’s reputation for risk-taking, programmatic innovation and community partnership. Internet cat videos are doing all of the things compelling art should: raising questions, challenging assumptions, angering people, and—in the case of our festival—creating a real experience. We assumed when we were assembling the clips that people would be eager to see new videos, but in actuality the greater joy was sharing the experience of watching very familiar videos with each other.

"Compelling art." I love seeing a cat slowly knock over a plate of spaghetti as much as the next guy, but I think calling these videos "art" is pushing it a bit. With that said, I fully support this festival and intend on making an appearance.

Plus, all these cat video events help support local cultural and animal welfare non-profits, as well as education and community programming at the Walker. I'd say that makes the occasional crazy cat lady encounter worth it.

I like to imagine that dog-lovers will one day organize an internet dog video festival that eventually turns into an all-out rager. Everyone knows that dog people like to get out and party while the cat people see what is new on Netflix.

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