The fact that the internet legit became unhinged over this is...a bit mind-blowing. Maybe a bit concerning, too?

Barstool Sports dropped their list of the Top 10 Greatest Female Singers of All-Time

Barstool Sports is known for pretty much one thing -- entertainment. Whether it's taste-testing pizzas from around New England and beyond, providing sports updates, or anything in between -- they've never shied away from the fact that they are purely 100% entertainment-based. That's what makes the backlash from this list equal parts confusing and disturbing.

While iconic singers like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Tina Turner were all included on Barstool's list, additional artists like Foxboro, Massachusetts native Jojo and TikTok star Addison Rae were also included.

And the internet was NOT having it.

The comments on the post were full of absolute anger.

Now, not everyone was commented straight anger. Some people actually understood that the list was merely for entertainment purposes and not an actual, legitimate list. Some laughed, some sarcastically included additional artists, but a majority of commenters, some of which are listed below, were legitimately angry and strongly disagreed with the list.

"Diana Ross? Stevie Nicks? Celine Dion? Come on! Linda Ronstadt, Gladys Knight, Tina Turner?" - jeff.caruso.96


"This is a**." - heidi_dunleavy


"Is this the bottom ten?" - __take_a_gander__


"Who made this list? JOJO!??" - ashley_swiftt


"Honest to god… who let Addison Rae get on this list? If you think that Addison has even a sliver of the musical talent that ladies like Beyoncé and Gaga have you’re a f****** joke." - devonbeaucage

Barstool acknowledged all the angry comments in an Instagram video.

One day later, after being inundated with numerous angry comments and just words that reek of vitriol, Barstool dropped a video (a very NSFW video) via their One Minuteman series calling out everyone who was so upset.

"...I got a bone to pick with every stupid *expletive* that thought this list was real. We had Jojo clocking in as the third greatest singer of all time behind Mariah and Whitney, and none of you might've thought 'Hey, this is probably a joke?!'"

The One Minuteman video, in between calling everyone out for getting super upset and taking the list super seriously, brings up a great point, though.

"I remember a time when people came to the internet to joke and laugh at things and not argue and debate and fight over every *expletive* thing including dumb fake lists."

And honestly, it's a solid point that's brought up. Social media used to be filled with funny memes, song lyrics, food, and maybe a slightly exaggerated look at someone's life/relationship -- and now all it seems to have become is a breeding ground for drama and hate.

Maybe it's time we take a step back and take a breath. Like Ryan Reynolds says in the movie 'Van Wilder'...

"Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive."

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