Don't feed the bears!! Campers are usually warned about this when staying at most campsites in the White Mountains, but some people leave food out anyway. And that's caused big problems for one New Hampshire Campsite. According to WMTW, White Mountain National Forest announced over the weekend that they are stopping all camping along Tripoli Road for the near future due to an increased amount of bear activity. When people leave food out and the bears take it, they will often return to the campsite expecting there to be more.

I go camping at least once a year, and I always make sure that all of my food is locked up in my car before bed at night, or if we're leaving the site for an extended amount of time. Even a half eaten sandwich or bag of chips left on a picnic table will attract unwanted visitors, whether it bear bears, or other critters or wildlife.

For more information, check out the full story from WMTW here.


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