Police in Maine were in hot pursuit of the rider of this sweet ride over the weekend. It all started with a traffic stop by State Trooper Tyler Nadeau on Route 202 in Greene. The trooper had tried to stop some bikers who were driving aggressively. During the stop, Trooper Nadeau noticed that one of the bikes did not have a registration plate. That's when the rider, Devin Jeselskis of Lewiston. allegedly took off at high speed.

According to the Maine State Police Facebook Page:

Trooper Nadeau pursued the motorcycle for several miles until speeds were too dangerous to continue the pursuit. The driver continued to do multi-vehicle passes in the oncoming lane, and his speeds were clocked at 154mph.


Trooper Nadeau, still on the case, located the motorcycle in Leeds. The rider took off again, and police clocked him going through Leeds at "only" 135 miles per hour. Police then identified the rider and went to his house, where a short and much slower footrace ensued. Jeselskis  was then taken into custody and charged with:


1. Eluding Class C Felony
2. Driving to Endanger Class C Felony
3. Criminal Speed Class E
4. Operating without a License Class E
5. Operating after Suspension Class E
6. Several traffic citations





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