Back before cell phones, or regular phones, dating apps like Tinder and Craigslist didn't exist. The taverns didn't allow women, so there was no chance to meet up there. So what's an 18 year old farm owner whose "buckwheat looks first rate" and whose "oats and potatoes are bully" to do?

Take an ad out in the local newspaper of course! This old clipping of a man seeking a wife in Maine recently surfaced on the website; it shows us how times haven't really changed that much when it comes to men seeking women online, so to speak. However, back in the 1800s, if you had land and a nice home, you were pretty much set for life!  I'm guessing here, obviously.

Now the questions remain: Did the 18 year old with a good set of teeth find his bride? Did they live happily ever after? Where does one actually buy a waterfall in 1865?

Check out the news paper clipping:



Try to keep it together ladies…

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