For once since I've lived here in Portland, the city has actually made it less likely for me to get a parking ticket this summer! I've paid hundreds, maybe even thousand of dollars in parking tickets since I moved here to Portland less than three years ago. The enforcement officers are tough...sometimes I'll get a ticket for being parked illegally for even just a few minutes. A few times, it's been because I went home in the middle of the day for lunch on a Tuesday, and forgot about the rule - no parking on this side of the street every first and third (or second and fourth) Tuesday of the month between 10am and 2pm. Pretty easy to forget about...and I've been slapped with a $30 ticket for it more times than I'd like to admit. Supposedly, the rule was put in place so that the city has the opportunity to sweep that side of the street on those days. However, it seems that this never happens on that least in my neighborhood. Well, the city has finally admitted that they just don't have the time or resources to sweep the streets often enough to justify this rule. So, a sticker has been added to the signs with this rule on the streets, stating that we don't have to worry about it from May 31st to October 31st! This should save me several $30 fines this summer...woohooo!!!

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