I've seen the Instagram photos and Facebook posts and I couldn't take it anymore. I've always wanted to check out the incredible Ice Castles so last night, I made the back road drive to Lincoln and got the full Ice Castles experience.

The builders 'grow' at least 10,000 icicles a day an attach them to the massive ice structure to create the Ice Castles. An average ice castle like the one in Lincoln, New Hampshire weighs over 25,000,000 pounds. The 10 foot thick walls are strong and can withstand the often unpredictable winter temperatures.

At night, the Ice Castles are lit with colorful lights that rotate, flicker, and flash to the beat of music. If you listen closely, you might even hear some more popular songs from the 'Frozen' soundtrack... Seems fitting.

Kids were everywhere, running from tunnel to tunnel, riding the fast ice slide, and posing on the ice throne. It's clear the magic is alive for any child who walks through the icy arches.

If you're thinking about going to see Ice Castles with a pal or with the kids, do it now! The season is coming to a close and you don't want to wait another year to see these crazy sculptures or hop on the ice slide.

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