This is better than winning the lottery… Free pizza for a year. I'm not joking. I never expected to be one of the first 100 people to get into Pat’s Pizza for the grand reopening in the Old Port on Friday, September 20th. I intended to shoot video of the line and hopefully get an interview with the new owner, Mike Lizotte. However, as I stood in line and slowly walked upstairs into the restaurant and sports bar on 30 Market Street, I realized that all the people in front of me were getting gift bags. So, when I was next and got one of the bags with a gift certificate for free pizza inside, I was surprised and very happy because I love pizza. I will be able to get one classic 9-inch pizza each week for an entire year.


Here's a picture of my gift certificate:

(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG)
(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TSMG)

The downtown Portland location of Pat's Pizza changed ownership, which prompted the grand reopening.

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