I saw the ghost of the lady in white this weekend on Route 26! 

Okay, so I was on a haunted hayride when I saw her, so i'm fairly sure she was an actress. But this weekend on my way to Harvest Hill Farms (Pumpkinland) in Mechanic Falls, I learned all about the real lady in white. And now my ride on Route 26 will never be the same.

Here's what we know. There is definitely someone or something frightening lonely drivers along Route 26. The one thing they all say is she is between the ages of 20-25, dressed in all white and appears to need help.

STORY 1: She is the murdered bride of George Knight, slashed to death in 1856 in her farmhouse along Route 11. She wanders up and down surrounding roads looking for a ride and is said to have a warning for anyone who picks her up.


STORY 2: She was a young girl on her way to the prom when her car wrecked and she died. She is said to still wander the roads looking for a ride to the dance she was never able to attend.


STORY 3: The version acted out at Harvest Hill Farms on The Gauntlet is about a bride killed on her way to be married on Route 11. She died in a car wreck and still wanders searching for someone to take her to the church.



LATEST SIGHTING: July 11, 2009 A teen was frantically flashing his lights to flag down a police officer. When the cop got to his window. He was (excuse to pun) pale as a ghost. He was rambling about seeing a woman in white near the frozen custard stand. He said he stopped and she asked for a ride to the church on Route 11. It was after midnight and he thought it was strange but wanted to help her. She asked if he went too school nearby which he did. When he got to the church and turned to say goodbye she said that the cops would be here in a minute. He turned to look to see if she saw their lights and when he looked back she had vanished. He had never heard of the story of The Lady in White. The cop however had heard the story and knew exactly what had happened.


True or made up, it sure makes a ride to Mechanic Falls a lot more exciting and the perfect story for a Halloween night tale.