I've had Sandy for about four years now. She's a great dog. Most importantly, she's really good with my two young daughters. But here's the thing - she loves to run away.

Back at my home in New Hampshire, if I ever left the door open for a half second and she noticed, she would take off. She'd run loose in the neighborhood for about an hour, then come back home. Which is why whenever I take her anywhere, she's on a leash...even if it's a place which would allow her to be off leash.

I've taken her to Willard Beach at night a few times. There are normally a ton of other dogs there, and Sandy is the only one on a leash. I felt bad about it, but didn't want her to run off. Well last night, I finally decided to take the chance, and see what would happen.

And, a funny thing happened - she ran around the beach with the other dogs, didn't get into a fight with any of them, didn't even growl or bark at anyone, and came to me every time I called her. I could tell that she was so happy being able to run around free...and that made ME incredibly happy.

Maybe she didn't run away because she had nowhere else she'd rather be!

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