You see it all the time in on TV and in 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger movies: The bad guy is finally captured, cuffed and sitting in the back seat of the squad car. The police look away for a few moments to discuss police-type stuff, then when they look back, the perp is gone.

How'd he do that? It can't really be that easy to get out of handcuffs, can it?

Well, yes and no. As this video shows, apparently a simple bite to the right part of a paper clip will transform that mostly unused office accessory into a magic key that will grant you your freedom. Now, it still may not be a good idea to try this, like, in real life. The cops tend not to look fondly on prisoners who try to escape. But then again, handcuffs aren't just for police, right? Riiiiiggghhht? (We're talking about sex stuff.)

As helpful as this video is, if the police use those hard plastic binders rather than actual handcuffs, then you're outta luck. Unless of course you have a pair of scissors, which, if you already have a paper clip on you for some reason, isn't really that hard to imagine.

Anyway, the real lesson here is: stay out of trouble, kids. (But if you do happen to get into some sh** -- obviously you're innocent, you were framed, we know -- keep a paper clip handy.)

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