Occasionally you see them out and about - license plates with really low numbers. Ever wonder how to get one? They seem to be some sort of a status symbol, but no one really knows how to get them. Earlier today, just outside One City Center, a vehicle caught my eye, sporting the holy grail of all low number license plates. The single number 1. How the heck did that person manage to score THAT? They must be a pretty big deal, have a lot of money, some really strong connections with the DMV, or probably all three. I was tempted to wait there just to see who this person was, and ask them about it. But then I remembered that I was on the clock, and had to get back in and do work.

I spoke with one person here at the office about it, and he told me that at one point, his mother had a three digit license plate, and was told it was worth up to $10,000! If three digits is worth 10K, can you imagine what the number one would be worth?

According to the Bangor Daily News, a man in Dubai once paid $14 million dollars for the "1" plate. Seriously.

Back here at home, my search for more information on this has come up short. So if you know anything about who has this plate, or how I can get a low number plate in the state of Maine, can you let me know? Thanks!

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