Ready? What's more taboo than opening up a restaurant in a pandemic...with a sibling?


Jessica and Troy Crane are super excited that something went right during the pandemic. A plan that had failure written all over it - worked! They opened 'Taboo Taqueria' in Rockport on May 5th. They worked together renovating the building for five months.  After not killing each other, they not only opened but have been so successful that they now have opened 'Taboo BBQ' located at Rock Harbor Brewery in Rockland.

Taboo Taqueria serves authentic Mexican food. And they are slamming it! Troy has been a chef for years and is creating some very tasty treats that has the entire area excited!

Taboo Taqueria/Facebook

Now, Troy is a smoking fool as they just opened Taboo BBQ because nothing is better than local brew and bbq.

Jessica and Troy must live by the mantra of 'go big or go home'. So what kind of smoker did they have built for the new BBQ joint? Oh, just your basic 100,000-gallon smoker! They had Rogue Welding build it!

Taboo BBQ/Facebook

But my favorite part about Jessica and Troy's vision for their Taboo restaurants is that they aren't just serving up Mexican and BBQ, but giving back. Their goal is to not only be able to run a couple of great restaurants but also offer cooking classes, and employment to their special needs community. Jessica's son has Autism and the Rockport area has slim resources. They will be hosting events to benefit the community and Jessica herself runs a non-profit for special needs families.

Taboo Taqueria every Tuesday has Rocco Taco Tuesday. Troy creates a special taco in remembrance of a local little boy who drowned and his family...who are incredible. They donate the money from this taco to local charities or non-profits monthly.

How a brother and sister opened a successful restaurant in a pandemic is worth a visit - and we've hardly talked about the amazing food and drink!

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