Some absolute cuteness to kick off your week, as recently on Reddit, user FluffyAlpaca49 posted up a video taken by their parents of an absolutely precious seal lounging on some rocks in Vacationland. The video was taken at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth.

The timing of this actually couldn't be more perfect, and it's refreshing to see that at least what's shown in the video, FluffyAlpaca49's parents did the right thing when they came across this seemingly-beached seal pup. The most commonly made mistake, usually with good intentions and a pure heart, is to try and help these seals that we tend to think are beached and get back in the water before they're harmed.

But, according to Channel 8 WMTW, that's exactly where we go wrong, and animal rescuers are putting the word out once again to leave any seals seen in this or any other situation in general, very much alone.

Maine Mammals of Maine (MMoME), a nonprofit that responds to legitimately distressed sea animals, told WMTW that they observed one seal being subjected to constant harassment over a period of a few days in June. According to MMoME, even though seal pups seem helpless and in distress, they're actually fully independent and behaving normally.

According to their website,

"After birth, mother harbor seals leave their pups alone to rest for extended periods of time while she hunts and forages for herself. After feeding, the mother returns to collect her pup and nurse. Harbor seal pups typically stay with their mothers for around a month before weaning. All too often, a dependent pup is left to rest on its own on busy beaches or popular visiting areas, coinciding with Maine's tourism and coastal recreating season. If a mother harbor seal returns to reunite with her pup and finds busy human activity, or the pup has been moved to a different location by people, this can lead to abandonment. For you, your pet's, and the seal's safety, remember that all marine mammals are federally protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and that it is illegal to approach them within 150 feet, touch or harass them."

If you do come across a lone seal pup like the parents of FluffyAlpaca49 did, and you're concerned about the seal's well-being, MMoME recommends that after remaining a good distance away and keeping the area as quiet as possible, call the Maine Marine Animal Reporting Hotline at 1-800-532-9551.

But seriously, how ADORABLE is that seal just laying there on the rocks, almost channeling the character of Rose in the Titanic movie from the late 90s and suggesting you "paint me like what one your French girls."

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