Yesterday on the HOM Morning Show, I told the story about how not paying a $1 toll almost cost me $171.

A couple weeks ago, I was driving down the Maine Turnpike. I had both of my kids with me in the back seat, and I was a bit distracted at the time. I soon realized that I was in the EZPass lane, although I don't have an EZPass, and had intended to pay with cash.

Not sure what to do, I stopped. Seeing a toll booth attendant right next to me, I explained that I accidentally drove into the wrong lane, and asked if he could take my dollar. He said he couldn't. With cars starting to line up behind me and not knowing what I should do, I just drove away.

About a week later, I got a notice in the mail, stating that I owed $171.50 for evading the toll!!

Now I will say that I had a few incidences with the toll booth earlier this year. I had an EZPass, but I didn't realize the balance had gotten to zero, and went through the tolls. I took care of the balance, and tossed my EZPass, figuring I'd be better off just paying with cash moving forward.

Fast forward to yesterday...I called to beg and plead my case and try to get my exorbitant fine forgiven. The woman I spoke with was very nice, and offered to forgive my fine...with one very ironic condition - that I get another EZPass!!

I really don't want to get the EZPass, but I will gladly pay the 30 bucks for one instead of the 171 dollar fine!!

Moving forward, I will DEFINITELY be more cautious about the tolls!!

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