It's that time of year for family gatherings, office parties & holiday galas. The first question that comes to mind, "What am I going to wear?" Before replacing everything in my closet, I consulted fashion guru and author of "Practical Glamour," Constance Dunn. Constance suggested that I "consider investing in a centerpiece accessory. This can be a pair of glitzy shoes, a jewel-tone clutch or a costume necklace. Go for quality, since this is a piece you can pull out and wear during future holiday seasons."  I can do this.  Furthering the discussion, Constance suggested that I "add a colorful neck scarf to effortlessly brighten up a casual holiday outfit. A quality scarf adds distinction and some festive pluck to even the most basic jeans, t-shirt and flats ensemble. Plus, a scarf will take up almost zero space in your luggage." OK, so things aren't as bad as I thought.  I might be able to pull off this holiday get together stuff. Thanks, Constance! ...expect me to be coming to you for more advice.