There is no doubt that Patriots fans are the most diehard of any other team in the NFL. Our passion for our boys runs deep and we would do ANYTHING to help. But, does this go TOO far?

According to, Tom Brady has suffered an injury to his hand during practice this week. Patriotsnation is all in a panic and are praying to their TB12 shrines that this injury doesn't keep him from performing at his G.O.A.T level. Brady was seen wearing a glove on the busted hand at practice yesterday, and some speculate he wore it so the Jaguars can't know how to take him down. I think that the injury is a fake to mess with the Jaguars brains a bit and psych them out. But, one bold fan is extremely concerned. So much so, he created a Craigslist ad, asking for someone to donate a thumb to fix Brady. Hey, there is $10,000 to the brave soul who donates their thumb. Is it worth it? LOL!

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