If there's one thing that the people in Maine can generally agree on, it's to treat your furry friends as well as you possibly can. Which makes the Brunswick Police Department posting on Facebook Sunday night all the more irritating for animal lovers because the case centers around an abandoned animal.

As the Brunswick Police Department briefly details in their post, a friendly dog was found by hikers on Range Road on Sunday. The dog was tied to a tree just about 150 feet away from the Midcoast Humane Society animal shelter. The dog still had food but his water dish was completely dry when hikers found him.

Thankfully he was found alive and well, and many of the commenters on the Brunswick PD post offered up their home for this good boy if he was in need of one. For now, he's likely to spend some time at the shelter to ensure he's in good health and it'll allow the Brunswick PD some time to investigate exactly how this dog ended up tied to a tree incredibly close to the Humane Society on a Sunday.

If you have any information, you're asked to contact Officer Kerry Wolongevicz of the Brunswick Police Department.

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