With a little help from dad and a whole lot of ambition, two twin high schoolers from Cape Elizabeth have created an all-electric lawn care business charged completely by solar energy.

Mowing neighbor's yards is a classic summer gig we’ve all either done or at least considered. It’s relatively easy cash and you get to spend time outdoors, you just have to market yourself well and get the customers.

That’s exactly what Philip and Dmitri Coupe did at 14 years young but with an added flare: zero-emissions, all-electric lawn care that benefits both your yard and our sustainable futures.

Solar Mow Maine

As shared by the Portland Press Herald, the sustainable and unique business is 3 years old, which means these boys started it when they were only 14. In an effort to phase out noisy and polluting gasoline mowers and more importantly to make some money, the boys accepted a small loan from their father, created Facebook ads and flyers, and started knocking on doors.

Three years later, the twins have more than 30 customers averaging $50 per weekly cut, which has allowed them to pay off their loans and start making a profit.

What started in just Cape Elizabeth has now spread to neighboring cities in Portland and South Portland as the Coupe boys build their brand and gain traction in the area. They’ve clearly done pretty well for themselves at a young age and in a short amount of time because as NECN shares, they’ve already fully booked out the calendar for lawn care this summer.

As the summer of 2023 approaches, they have some decisions to make as they start to look into and consider college. They’ll finish out this fully booked summer strong and then put their heads together to figure out a major business decision: Sell the business or keep going.

Regardless of what they choose to do, the boys shared with the news outlets that they will pursue careers in climate activism and sustainability.

It’s stories like this which is why I have faith in these next generations and the futures they are actively fighting for. This is the type of brain power we need - power fueled by the sun.

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