Disney’s Animated Feature Film Encanto

Whether you’re a parent, a babysitter, a sibling, or have no kids in your life at all, you are unable to escape the obsession with Disney’s Encanto. I currently have no interaction with children in my life yet I’ve been hearing about this movie for months.

I’ve been tempted to watch it, and if I had any streaming services I probably would have taken the plunge by now to understand the phenomenon.

From what I have gathered in my conversations with others, the movie is about a family with magical powers that use their gifts for good. Bruno is the uncle of the main character and is the family outcast because his gift is prophecy and, well, nobody likes hearing the truth.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno”

Just like every other animated Disney film, the soundtrack to the movie is an important part. I may be 24 years old but I can openly admit that Disney releases some bangers. Apparently, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is a next-level Disney banger because it just spent 10 WEEKS at #1 on Billboard Charts.

You know what that means? This song has been played a LOT… a lot, a lot. Which is why some parents may just shed a single tear seeing this license plate driving around Maine:

Townsquare Media

This is all parents have been able to hear since the movie came out which is ironic because we are all now very much talking about Bruno.

Disney & Billboard Hot 100

According to an article by Today, this is only the second time in Disney history that one of their songs from an animated film topped the Billboard list as No. 1.

Do you have any guesses what the first song was?

It will now be stuck in your head… “A Whole New World” from Aladdin topped the chart in 1993. That was Disney’s biggest hit until “Let it Go” came around,  and now even that's old news because this Bruno bop is now Disney’s biggest song from an animated film in 26 years.

Maybe it’s reverse psychology… Don’t talk about Bruno… just sing about him, non-stop, until he’s #1.

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