Did you know that Maine has 25 different traffic roundabouts and rotaries throughout the state? And yes, there's a big difference between a roundabout and a rotary. While they both move traffic around in a circle, rotaries are made to keep traffic moving at a constant speed while roundabouts are made to slow traffic down. Big difference!



Here's is a list of every rotary and roundabout in Maine. How many have you been through? Source: CentralMaine.com

Auburn Turner Street / Lowe's -  Roundabout

Auburn Turner Street / Auburn Mall-Roundabout

Augusta  Memorial Circle- Rotary

Augusta   Cony Circle -Roundabout

Augusta    Route 3 / Interstate 95 northbound - Roundabout

Augusta   Route 3 / Interstate 95 southbound - Roundabout

Bangor Texas Avenue / Maine Avenue -  Roundabout

Bangor Godfrey Boulevard / Maine Avenue  - Roundabout

Bath   State Road and Congress Avenue -  Roundabout

Biddeford   Biddeford Crossing parking lot -  Roundabout

Blue Hill   Route 15 and 172 / Beech Hill Road - Roundabout

Calais   Route 1 / International Avenue-  Roundabout

Caribou U.S. Route 1 / North Main Street / Cary Medical Center- Roundabout

Gorham   Route 114 / Gorham bypass- Roundabout

Gorham   U.S. Route 202 / Gorham bypass - Roundabout

Gorham    Route 25 / Gorham Bypass- Roundabout

Gorham    U.S. Route 202 / Route 4 and 237-  Roundabout

Gorham    Brackett, Libby, Portland roads-   Roundabout

Howland    Route 6 and 116 / River Road-    Roundabout

Kittery   U.S. Route 1, Route 236, State Road, Old Post Road-   Rotary

Orono   Stillwater and Forest avenues -   Roundabout

Sanford U.S. Route 202 & routes 4A and 109 -  Roundabout

Kennebunk    Route 35, Storer Street,  Wood Point Road - Roundabout

South Portland  Cottage Road, E Street,  Ocean Street -  Roundabout

Windham U.S. Route 302 and 202 - Rotary


And here's one that's being worked on at Deering's Corner in Portland. Check out this cool video. Mesmerizing!



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