It's always an amazing thing when the community can come together to help one another, but especially when they're young kiddos in need. And the best part is sometimes it's just the simplest thing we do that can make the biggest impact.

That's exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago on May 26, when Dunkin' announced their Iced Coffee Day. For that day only, every single Iced Coffee and Cold Brew sold at any Dunkin' in Maine and neighboring Coos and Carroll Counties in New Hampshire would have $1 donated to The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center in Portland.

According to Dunkin', a total of $68,521 was donated to BBCH from Iced Coffee Day, bringing the total that Dunkin' has contributed to BBCH with Iced Coffee Day since its inception back in 2012 up to over $500,000! Through all of Dunkin's fundraising over the years for BBCH, Child Life Specialist coverage has been increased to two full time staffers, additional sizes have been added to specialized pediatric intubation equipment, a new pediatric simulation manikin was added for educational use, funding for staff to take a Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse review course, and more.

The timing couldn't have been more appropriate, either, considering the former First Lady would've celebrated her 96th birthday just a week after Iced Coffee Day, on June 8.

It seems so simple and probably a daily thing for us -- snagging a coffee on our way to work every day. But sometimes, the most simple of tasks can have the biggest impact. Think about what you've done over less than a decade -- you've helped over a half-million dollars be donated to help OUR kids in OUR community, just by getting an extra boost of caffeine.

Good on YOU for helping the cause, good on Dunkin' for creating such an easy-to-execute-and-contribute fundraiser, and good on all the staff of BBCH for continuing to work toward saving our local kiddos' lives on the daily.

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