Everyone loves a good horror movie, right? I think it's rather interesting to take a look at the most popular scary movies by state. I wonder what each state's top pick says about it's residents? The website streamingobserver.com compiled the data for us, using a variety of factors. First, they compiled a list of the most popular horror movies overall, with information from Rotten Tomatoes and other sources. Then, they used Google Trends data to break it down by state. The most popular horror movie in Maine? The Host. It's a 2006 South Korean movie about a monster that emerges from a river and attacks people. For New Hampshire, the top pick was Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. They weren't clear if they were referring to the 1956 original film, or the 1978 remake. And Vermont's most popular horror movie was The Exorcist. Some pretty solid choices for Northern New England. I love horror movies, so I'd be happy watching any of those!

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