As a Mainer, you can't help but love your state and all it has to offer. From the amazing outdoors to the mix of all the seasons to the excellent food and drink, there's a lot to enjoy.

But does it ever drive you nuts when people from away start asking you really stupid questions about Maine? They just make you want to roll your eyes or facepalm.

So here's just 6 stupid questions people from away ask Mainers.

Where is Maine? - You can certainly Google it or go old school and pull out a map (maybe you've got a globe sitting around), but Maine is the northernmost state in New England and right next to New Hampshire. And no, it's not in Canada.

Maine is near Boston, right? - Again, with a geography question. No, Maine is not near Boston at all. It's about 50 miles away from there.

Is there electricity in Maine? - Clearly a shock for some, but yes, there is electricity in Maine. And running water, too. In fact, here's a list of electricity suppliers if you still don't believe it.

Do you live in log cabins? - Not unless you want to, but similar to the other 49 states there's plenty of just regular old houses with electricity and running water. Who knew, right?

You're from Maine? I know a guy from Maine. Do you know him? - Yeah, probably not. According to, there's an estimated 1.3 million people that live in the state, so chances are that that one other person you know from Maine, we probably don't know them.

Do you eat a lot of lobster? - We certainly don't eat it all the time like it's the only thing we eat, but who doesn't love a good lobster or even a lobster roll? The bigger surprise I'm sure to people from away is that live lobsters aren't red.

These are clearly only a few of the really dumb questions people will ask Mainers, but what about you? What's the stupidest question you've ever gotten about Maine?