Maine has it all.

Rocky shores, sandy beaches, gorgeous mountain peaks, stunning farmland, we truly have it all.

No matter what landscape you personally find to be the most ‘beautiful’, a drive through Maine will present many varieties.

I may be biased but I love so many different things about this state, but one of my favorite parts is simply driving around. Whether you’re on the main route or a back road, there’s always something beautiful to see even if it’s just a second glimpse of a lake or mountain in the distance.

I lived in Florida for a few years where all you see is flat land and gas stations. I was appreciative of Maine before my time there but I am even more grateful now.

What Are the Most Beautiful Drives in Maine?

I’m sure there are hundreds.

Not knowing how to even begin to track these scenic roads down, we reached out to all of you on Facebook and asked fellow Mainers what their favorite drives are in our Vacationland state.

Some are coastal drives along our rocky shores and others are deep in the woods up near Canada.

If my grandmother were still around, she would have her strong opinions to share from her motorcycle days but I had to rely on all of you for your own personal opinions. Thank you to those of you who chimed in!

While this only skims the surface of scenic drives here in Maine, here are what your fellow Mainers shared as their favorite scenic drives in the state:

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