Please help spread the word! According to WGME, 17-year-old Bridget Kelley from Westbrook has been missing since December 26th. She was wearing a gray Nike sweatsuit with black UGGs and carrying an aqua colored L.L. Bean backpack, when she was last seen on Christmas Day. Bridget has red hair, and piercing above her lip.

According to the Portland Press Herald, this isn’t the first time she’s gone missing. This is the third alert sent by Westbrook police regarding her being missing since last summer.

As the father of two, seeing a story like this breaks my heart. If by sharing this story we can help at all with getting her home, that would make me so happy.

If you think you've seen her, or know where she is, please call the Westbrook Police Department at (207) 854-0644.

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