The website, "Thrillest" asked travel writers from around the country to find the hidden gems in each U.S. state. Their mission was to find "the treasure hiding in plain sight."

Here's what Thrillest came up with when it compiled the list of the "Most Underrated City To Visit In Every State:"

Maine: Lewiston is the hidden gem. Among its treasures, according to Thrillest, "you’d be remiss to not try Maine’s signature dessert, the whoopie pie, at the spot where it was created, Labadie’s Bakery." There's also the Liberty Festival fireworks and the annual Great Falls Balloon Festival.

New Hampshire: Peterborough is the spot. Turkey hunters have probably been to this town. So have hikers, as Mount Monadnock is one of the most hiked mountains in the United States. The waterfalls and rock formations are splendid.