This museum in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire is said to be so haunted that some visitors have experienced uneasiness and nausea while inside, as reported by Haunted Places. Eleven ghosts live in the Amos J. Blake House Museum, which is 181 years old, according to a website called Haunted New England. People have reported seeing an apparition of a young boy as well as a cat. Others say they've seen objects moving around the museum by themselves, along with strange voices and sounds.

Paranormal researchers from the popular TV show "Ghost Hunters" have investigated the museum and supposedly recorded a saw moving, as per Haunted New England. Another paranormal investigator, Joni Mayhan, claims she has audio of a voice saying the words "behind you" on EVP. Mayhan wrote about her spooky experience here, if you want to read more.

The Amos J. Blake House Museum has been around since 1837, and is located on 66 Route 119.

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