Mainers and Winter definitely have a love/hate relationship. Skiing, sledding, and snowball fights are all an absolute blast, but the shorter days do take a toll after a while. Well, for those who want a little more sunlight during the colder months, you may be in luck!

... May be.

The Bangor Daily News reports that after a vote in the House of Representatives, a bill that proposes that Maine cease to observe daylight savings has made it to the next round of government review. The change would make for more sunlight in the evenings during wintertime - something I think most Mainers will be happy about. I certainly am.

The BDN states that the bill, named LD 203, would not only propose that Maine do away with daylight savings, but would mean that the state would shift to the Atlantic Standard Time Zone year-round. This would mean that Maine would, at least for part of the year, be an hour ahead of the rest of New England. The Atlantic Standard Time Zone includes places like Puerto Rico, and Canada's eastern-most provinces.

There is one catch for the switch, though - Massachusetts and New Hampshire would have to go along with Maine for the change to take effect. The BDN writes that after a tie vote in the House yesterday, we're stuck in limbo until the rest of New England get's its act together. Being a native New Englander, and knowing and loving where I come from, my hopes aren't terribly high for that at the moment.

Read the BDN's full article here.

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