Note: This post was asked in a Portsmouth, New Hampshire-centric group on Facebook, so some of these services may not be offered near you, but it's a good starting point and general idea.

So, you just got word that regardless of all the vaccines being administered and the improvement in the world with everything going on, you're role has been converted to work from home permanently. Obviously, between the every day uses of internet like streaming shows, streaming videos, video games, wi-fi connections for other reasons -- you need a little stronger boost than your typical residential connection if you're going to fully function out of a home office.

Over the weekend, Facebook user Trevor Ristow posted a question in The (un)Official City of Portsmouth, NH page looking for suggestions on the best professional internet service in his area, after deciding to possibly install a fully remote office. And the following users had the following suggestions:

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Andrew Bagley: "1 gig up and down from Consolidated. That's what I have, not sure if there is faster." (Andrew is talking about Consolidated Communications, who provide services to multiple New Hampshire and Maine towns and cities. By the way, as far as the "up and down" reference he made, that relates to transferring data speed -- the "up" is outgoing data and the "down" is the incoming data (i.e. for streaming video, playing video games, all the above at the same time, etc.)

David Speltz: "Comcast does a good job but it is up and down." (not the same up and down as referenced above)

Christopher Yaun: "StarLink may be available. 150mb. Still in beta." (StarLink is being developed by SpaceX and is available in some areas, but not others since it's still growing in development.)

Harrison De Bree: "Firstlight has fiber for businesses. It requires a multi-year contract and isn't exactly cheap. But it is dedicated to you. Unlike Cable, you are not sharing bandwidth. When we had Comcast at our offices, we would notice a slowdown around 2-3p when kids started coming home from schools."

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Maksym Yemelynov

The rest of the commenters all repeated what these four gentleman had to say, with the most two repeated being Consolidated and Comcast, with quite possibly the most-mentioned being Comcast.

On top of business internet plans, some of those businesses also provide residential internet plans as well, so in a day-and-age where people are trying to figure out what best suits them for their wallet (i.e.: If you watch only the same 5 channels over and over, do you really want to pay for 200+ channels, or get reliable internet and a streaming service), these suggestions could help you for outside of work, too!

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