Betty White

It's no question that Betty White is one of the most beloved celebrities alive. She is most known for her 7 seasons run on the sitcom The Golden Girls, a hilarious show about 4 older women navigating life together. Betty played the role of Rose Nylund, a simple, optimistic, naive, woman with a heart of gold.

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Cushnoc Brewing Company

In honor of the comedy legend, Betty White, Cushnoc Brewing Company concocted a new brew in her honor and named it after her. Betty White (the beer) is an Imperial Golden Sour. Cushnoc describes the brew as being aged in a port barrel with microflora and blended with strawberry and kiwi. Really honing in on The Golden Girls references and the tropical flavors of Miami where the show was set. Much better than the flavors of Saint Olaf. (Herring flavored beer, anyone?)

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This beer also packs a punch, much like the lady herself, with 9.5% ABV.

Try Betty White Today!

You can get a taste of Betty White (again, the beer) at Cushnoc Brewing Company located at 243 Water Street in Augusta or at their tasting room, Meet Me Out Back, which is located out back behind the restaurant. Or travel down the road and back again to the Cushnoc Annex at 3044 North Belfast Ave in Augusta.

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