Should the NFL extend Roger Goodell's contract as NFL Commissioner? I am flinching waiting for your answer...

According to WMUR Channel 9, our 'good ole pal' Roger Goodell is in negotiations to extend his contract as NFL Commissioner. Now, I know that statement right there is getting you steamed, but wait until you hear his demands! has reported that Goodell is asking for his salary to be $49.5 million dollars, a private jet for a lifetime, and health insurance for a lifetime for him and his family. His previous salary in 2015 was $31.7 million. Sources say more than likely, his contract will be extended after next year's season. But, along with you, there are some in the NFL that are NOT too happy with Goodell's reign. He has wavered between yes and no with players protesting during the national anthem. And, some coaches are not happy with the discipline on some players.

There is no denying that the NFL teams and players have caused some controversy this season. So much so that President Trump commented on the events.

Do you think that Goodell's contract should be extended, or not?