The New England Patriots are having a great season so far at 7-2. I know, I can see you saying 'there should be any losses!'. But, losses make our Pats stronger and more hungry to play. Yesterday's loss to the Seattle Seahawks stung for sure. The boys played their hearts out, some injuries endured as well. To be a winner, you have to know you are a winner. QB Tom Brady is the GOAT, and he carries himself with class and respect always. Brady knew yesterday would be a tough game, and he showed up to Gillette at 3:22pm. Way before kickoff at 8:30pm. Not only did he show up early, he also dressed for the occasion. As you know, Brady has been in countless ads, and on the cover of magazines. But, the way he showed up yesterday for the game, was like watching him walk in a fashion runway show. And, damn did he look sharp, and sexy!  #ohmy


Gronk on the other hand is way more laid back, and lazy! #LOL


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