File this one under "Things I learned today." Did you know that Maine has over 80 artisan cheese makers? Me either! Many of those Maine cheese makers will be showing off their creations at the 2023 Maine Cheese Festival in Dixfield, Maine put on by the Maine Cheese Guild. I learned that there's a Maine Cheese Guild today too!

What's the difference between your standard cheese maker and an artisan cheese maker? According to, the state many think of when they think of cheese,  artisan cheese is made by hand, in small batches, and doesn't use any machines in the process like big companies such as Kraft. Artisan cheese can also be made with a variety of milk and added flavorings with that milk usually sourced from local dairys.

Now all those Artisan cheese makers will gather in Pittsfield, Maine to show off their wares where the public can come and try the cheese and enjoy all kinds of great food with cheese or without. There'll be live music too. Based on this video, it looks like a good time.

The 2023 Maine Cheese Festival happens at Manson Park, in Pittsfield, Maine on Sunday, September 10, 2023. Tickets won't be available at the event, so if you plan on going, you need to get your tickets in advance. General admission is $30 and you can purchase your tickets right now on the Maine Cheee Festival website. You'll also find more info there like places to eat in town and places to spend the night if you're going to travel a decent distance and spend the day.

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