Have you heard of this organization? Casco Bay Sports in Portland runs organized sports teams and leagues in the Greater Portland area. I stumbled upon it earlier this year when my girlfriend and I were looking for a co-ed softball team to join. We ended up getting on a team last minute, and just wrapped up a twelve game season, which included two playoff games. Our team played once a week, on Wednesdays...which worked well for our schedules. We had a blast! It was great getting to know our teammates, developing comradery with them, and competing hard to win. I hadn't played an organized sport since little league, and I had way more fun than I ever thought possible. It cost around $100 bucks to join, but well worth it. You can sign up as a free agent, or put a team together yourself. We'll definitely be signing up for another season!

Casco Bay Sports runs a bunch of different divisions that play on different nights of the week, so you can pick the day that works best for you. And in addition to softball, they have lots of other different sports to play...including football, volleyball, soccer, and more! Check out their website for schedules, and to sign up!

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