Have you picked up your Christmas tree yet? While many people already have, I'm sure there are quite a few who haven't yet. So if you're a last minute kind of person (like I am) and still haven't picked one up, I have the perfect place for you to go.

For the last few years, I've been getting my Christmas tree at Mill Creek Park in South Portland. They are sold there each year by the Rotary Club of South Portland - Cape Elizabeth. Of course, the money is going to a great cause (more on that in a minute), but the other thing I love is that the trees are very affordable. I got my 6 foot tree there for just $35! Many other places around here will charge double that...or more.

The Rotary Club of South Portland - Cape Elizabeth is a great organization. Members of the Club have many unique talents and for over 50 years of service they have tackled varied projects including construction of the picnic shelter at Ft. Williams, construction of the skating shelter at Mill Creek Park, restoration and maintenance of Bug Lighthouse, support for the design process of the Children's Garden at Ft Williams, ongoing support for the South Portland Food Cupboard, youth literacy programs, scholarships for SP & CE High Schools and SMCC students, and so much more.

So get a great deal on a Christmas tree, and help a wonderful organization!

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