Gas prices in Maine, as well as across the country, have been on a steady decline for several months. And now, there are some gas stations selling it for under two dollars a gallon.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, the national average price of gas is down to $2.34 a gallon. Maine's average is a penny less.

This chart from GasBuddy shows the average price trend over the last 18 months. The red line is Maine, and the blue line is the entire country. As you can see, our state has followed national trends closely.

The last time gas prices were this low was over a year ago, just before they peaked in late April. The current dip is mostly being caused by a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Analysts predict that the average will be below $2 a gallon by the end of this month.

But here in Maine, there are at least a couple of gas stations already there. GasBuddy reports that as of today, Lakeside Fuels and Town Line Deli, both in Waterboro, are at $1.99. There are at least eight more stations under $2.10.

In Portland, the cheapest gas is at the BJ's on Warren Avenue, at $2.25 per gallon.


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