It was announced that today would be a federal holiday, to honor the passing of President George H.W. Bush. In a post on the city of Portland's Facebook page, the city announced that it will follow the lead of the federal and state governments and be closed for the day. All essential City services will continue to operate, but city buildings will be closed to the public. As someone who pays to park in the downtown area every day, I wondered if that meant free parking too. So I called the parking division this morning, and they confirmed that it is in fact a holiday for parking. They also went into further detail in a response to my Facebook message:

"Is street parking free today?"

"Meters are. we are not enforcing meters (every meter has a note no charge on holidays). We are enforcing all other parking refs including time zones."

So if you're a downtown parker, save yourself a little money need to feed that meter or buy a ticket!

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