You may have said one of these things to your children before, without realizing it does more harm than good.

Most parents are aware of the obvious things you should never say to a child, such as "I hate you." How about the not so obvious? Listen as AJ and Nikki talk about the things parents should not say to their kids:

(1) "I'm on a diet." Reason: Your children look to you to feel good about themselves.

(2) "You’re amazing at everything you do." Reason: You are setting them up for failure later in life. Only say it when it's true.

(3) "Don’t make me turn the car around." Reason: This is an empty threat you probably wouldn't follow through with. Discipline requires follow-through.

(4) "Leave me alone." Reason: Your kids should know they can come to you with any issue. This sends the opposite message.

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