This put the biggest smile on my face, and I think it'll do the same for you.

In case you missed it, we recently shared the story of Emersyn Rowles, a 13-year old girl from Lewiston, who is battling a rare form of leukemia called MPAL. As she approached her 14th birthday last week she was also preparing for her 4th round of chemotherapy at Boston's Children's Hospital.

Her family asked for help to make her upcoming birthday a little brighter. A simple wish for Emersyn - birthday cards.

We wrote about this online and talked about it on the air, asking our listeners to send us cards, so we could send them out to her, along with our birthday wishes.

Let's just say that HOM listeners stepped up in a big way. In an age where many people hardly ever write letters or cards anymore, I was blown away that we received over 100 pieces of mail for her. See for yourself -

Thank you so much to everyone who sent cards, letters, and other packages too. It really warmed my heart, and we know it will put a big smile on Emersyn's face too!

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