Arcadia in Portland, Maine

I love games, I love a good drink, and I recently learned I love competition.

Arcadia in Portland is the spot for music, games, food, drinks, and great company under one roof. The bar and arcade combination is the ultimate place in Portland that provides a good time for everyone.

I’ve never been a big gamer, I dabbled in Pac-Man and Frogger growing up but never branched out from that. I don’t rock out to Guitar Hero and you won’t find me lining up to play Asteroids or Pinball.

For this reason, I was never originally drawn to Arcadia. I tagged along with some friends cause I do like a good ol’ draft beer and ended up learning a lot about myself.

Turns out, I am highly competitive and I am really good at Skeeball.

Jeff Parsons
Jeff Parsons

One of the friends (or perhaps now a foe) I was with beat my high score in both Skeeball and Hoops and now I am utterly and unhealthily obsessed with going to Arcadia. You will catch me there every day they are open until I beat their score. I will not sleep until then.

Arcadia Hours of Operation

Since I was a newbie to the bar, I didn’t realize they were only open a couple of days a week. I grabbed my coins and dollar bills, brought them to work, and watched the clock tick down until 5 p.m. With a coworker in tow, I headed back to Arcadia only to find it dark, empty and closed.

A quick Google search taught me that the bar is only open Friday-Monday’s starting at 5 p.m. I immediately felt personally victimized by this, as I need 7 days a week to practice my free throw and flick of the wrist. And the 5 p.m. part? If they were open for lunch you would catch me there for my hour break every single day, no shame.

I have been complaining about this for weeks. Every person I run into has to hear me fuss about their hours of operation. “I just need one more additional day. Just open for one more day of the week.”

Arcadia Extended Hours

Since this has been the only thing on my mind, I sat down last night to write this article about being personally victimized by Arcadia’s hours of operation. I figured I should maybe throw a photo into the article so I hit up their Instagram and found they had just posted a story that read: “WE ARE ADDING THURSDAYS STARTING THIS WEEK!”
Portland, you are welcome! I feel single-handedly responsible for this additional day. I manifested this, I caused this, and I take pride in this.

If anyone needs me, you know where to find me.

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