I discovered Mel Elam and her sweet feline Floki back in October. The two like to conquer 4,000 footers in New Hampshire together and while delivering smiles to the faces of fellow hikers.

Mel Elam via Facebook
Mel Elam via Facebook

Hiking with a dog is pretty mainstream but you hardly see cats on the trails, and by hardly I mean ever. That's what makes Floki so amazing.

According to Melissa, Floki loves the hiker life! She gets to sit all bundled up and enjoy the gorgeous scenery New Hampshire has to offer all from the comfort of her backpack carrier.

I realized that every time I saw a photo of Floki and Mel conquering another peak, two things would happen. The first is I would say "AWWWW!" out loud to no one in particular and then a big grin would take over my face.

It was then I decided to follow Floki's own account on Instagram @adventureswithflokicat. I have been keeping up with Floki and her whereabouts and let's just say that cat has covered some serious ground.

Here she is hiking Owls Head. Sure, it looks like Mel is doing all the work but trust me, it's a team effort!

Floki's instagram is where I found that she is getting some TV time this week! She and Mel are being featured on New Hampshire chronicle tonight at 7pm on WMUR! How amazing is that?

If you see Mel and Floki on the trails this Winter, just know that you are in the presence of celebrities.


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