Criminals are already doing something very stupid, which is usually something against the law. And, when breaking the law, the key to getting away with it is to not become known. Not that I have ANY experience at all with breaking the law, but I watch movies! LOL

According to WCVB Channel 5, there is a gentleman in Massachusetts that has been robbing banks around the state. He is up to robbing 4 banks so far, and police are asking for help in finding this robber and bringing him in. This particular robber has been coined the 'Spelling Bee Bandit'. Why? Well, each time he has robbed a bank, he has the same routine. Walks in, puts his sunglasses on, writes a note and hands it to a teller. The notes have all been written the same each time. They say 'Robery'. That's right, this guy cannot spell robbery correctly! He's a winner alright!