The personal finance website WalletHub says:

Safety is a basic human need. We require some form of it, such as personal and financial protection, in every part of daily life.

People who live in Maine could have told WalletHub a thing or two about how safe it is to live there. However, the website relies on statistics and data to compile its lists, which is a good thing. The researchers compared all 50 states across 48 key metrics, such as murders and assaults per capita, to sex offenders per capita, to job security and unemployment rates.

Here are some of WalletHub's findings:

Maine is the number one safest state as far as assaults per capita.
It is the second safest when it comes to murders per capita.
It is the fourth safest state with fatal occupational injuries per 100,000 full-time workers.
And, Maine is number seven for loss amounts from climate disasters per capita.

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