Sergent Steve Webster and Diane Madden of St Andre Home in Biddeford are helping to change lives, and they are bringing a show to Maine you will love. 

I first heard of Human Trafficking through a friend that works in the field. I had no idea there was such a problem in this state. Slavery still exists today, it just has a different name.

The average age of a child sold into sex trafficking is 11-14 (this according to the FBI).  Nine cases of human trafficking were reported in Maine in 2014 and that is on the rise. It's horrifying to think about, but it's happening and we need to stop it.

Diane Madden from St. Andre Home in Biddeford spoke to me about a recent grant in the amount of $400,000 from Next Gen to establish Maine's very first treatment and residential program and safe house. It is run 24-7 in hope to rehabilitate women and start them on a life path to heal and rebuild.

Sgt. Steve Webster has been working with women in human trafficking cases for years. He says it's a clear problem in this state and getting worse. Being proactive is key. That is why Steve has teamed up with St. Andre Home to help them prepare for helping these victims. Recording artist Steve Azar has written a song about human trafficking in a beautiful song called "The Sky is Falling." You can see this song performed live along with special guests "Maine's Funniest Mom", Karen Morgan, Motor Booty Affair and North of Nashville. It's all happening March 18th 6:30pm at The Westbrook Performing Arts Center located at 471 Stroudwater Street in Westbrook.

Steve Azar/Meredith

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