A look inside one of the many Food Trucks that will be at our sold out event on May 20th.

I can’t believe Street Eats and Beats is TOMORROW! I’m really looking forward to hitting several of the food trucks, including this one – Mami Food Truck.


Mami Food Truck opened in May of 2015 and is the food-truck- baby of couple Austin Miller and Hana Tamaki. Austin and Hana met while both working at a restaurant in downtown Portland. Hana, who is daughter of Portland’s first sushi chef, immediately turned Austin on to Japanese cooking.

The first time Hana cooked Austin okonomiyaki, a savory cabbage pancake filled with grilled veggies and bacon, the passion to learn how to cook Japanese food ignited.

Previously a French and Italian inspired chef, Austin became obsessed with Japanese food. Both had extensive experience in the kitchen: Austin cooking his way around the country and Hana learning to cook traditional Japanese fare from an early age of 5.

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