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This house on Gray Road in Falmouth, Maine looks like it's floating

The irony of the article I wrote about questioning my decision about trying to buy a home in Maine that I published yesterday, is that I was right back at it today with three back-to-back-to-back showings across York and Cumberland County. And with all that bouncing around and driving, I have a chance to not only check out other parts of Maine that I may otherwise not come across but also have a chance to look at other pieces of real estate while I drive.

And while some homes I drive by catch my eye, nothing blew my mind as much as the home I drove by on the way to a showing in Cumberland earlier this afternoon -- because the house legit looked like it was floating out of the corner of my eye. It was enough to make me pump the brakes real quick on the stretch of Gray Road I was on in Falmouth and do a double-take. It was then that I realized the house wasn't floating (obviously), but it was actually elevated in the air by multiple sections of stacked wooden pallets.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The home was actually sold last month

With help from Google Maps and Zillow, I was able to pinpoint the exact location and the exact house to find out more about what may be going on with it. Obviously, at first glance, it looks like perhaps they're laying a new foundation (based on the fact the home is elevated on pallets and there's a massive hole underneath the house.)

And while I couldn't find actual details what may be happening, a listing on Zillow matches up to mention the two bed, one bath, 1,700+ square feet home was sold for $170,000 last month -- March 2, to be exact. This is what the home (and yard) looked like back in June 2019, according to Google Maps.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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